Design Assistance

Leverage Kidde's experience in planning your burn buildings, training towers, or whole fire training facilities - from concept to completion.

Whether installing a single training system or planning an entire multi-purpose training complex, Kidde's team of application engineers and program managers will work with your organization and your architect to assess your training needs and propose a design solution.

• Gas-Fueled Training Systems
• Burn Buildings
• Training Towers
• Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings
• Cityscape Training
• Training Facility Layout

Kidde can provide planning and construction assistance, utilizing an extensive network of architects, engineers, and construction contractors.


Kidde burn buildings, training towers, fire training facilities

Kidde's has 25+ years experience in planning and designing burn buildings and fire training facilities.  Ensure success in your project by utilizing our experience to avoid costly, unforseeable design and construction pitfalls.

Kidde burn buildings, training towers, fire training facilities


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