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The Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) "Fire Grants" program has made $285 million in 2012 available to protect the health and safety of the public and firefighting personnel against fire and fire-related hazards. Numerous departments have already received a Mobile FIRETRAINER® through a Fire Grant throughout the past nine consecutive years. Kidde Fire Trainers has prepared the following information to assist those who are interested in obtaining a Mobile FIRETRAINER® MT-1000, ML-1000, Hazmat Tanker, Car FIRETRAINER®, or Portable Fire & HazMat FIRETRAINER® O-100 gas-fueled fire training system through this grant program. 


Kidde Assistance to Firefighter's Grant (AFG) eligible mobile fire trainer mobile burn simulators

What can be purchased with FIRE Act funds?
The grant program allows for several categories of items to be purchased with grant funds. Of particular importance is the "Operations and Firefighter Safety Program - Training" category that allows for training equipment such as a Kidde FIRETRAINER® gas-fueled fire training system.

The Mobile FIRETRAINER® is a computer-controlled, propane gas-fueled training system that allows the basic NFPA 1001 skills (forcible entry, search & rescue, SCBA confidence, fire suppression, ventilation, etc.) to be taught in a safe and environmentally sound manner. The system replicates class A, B and C fires and produces environmentally sound smoke.

Important note: Grant rules require the training system to be mobile on wheels.

What are the new (more favorable) grant match requirements?
The current match requirements are:

>50,000 population                   Match = 20% of total
20,000 to 50,000 population     Match = 10% of total
<20,000 population                   Match = 5% of total

Kidde Assistance to Firefighter's Grant (AFG) eligible mobile fire trainer mobile burn simulators

    Eligibile for purchase through
        the FIRE Act Assistance to 
       Firefighters Grant Program

Kidde FEMA AFG Fire Act Eligible mobile fire trainer mobile burn simulator   Kidde FEMA AFG FIRE Act Eligible mobile fire trainer mobile burn simulator 
         MT-1000                     ML-1000  

Kidde FEMA Fire Act eligible mobile fire trainer mobile burn simulator      Kidde FEMA AFG Fire Act Eligible mobile fire trainer mobile burn simulator
Hazmat Tanker O-100      0-100 Car  

                     Kidde FEMA AFG Fire Act Eligible Mobile Fire Trainer Mobile burn simulator
                Portable Fire & HazMat

What are the top reasons why grant applicants fail?
Applicants fail because:
• Request is for low priority items
• Lack of collaboration, partnerships, or "regional" approach 
• Do not check their work
• Do not make a case for financial need
• Do not provide a problem statement
• Fail to make a case for cost-benefit
• Do not itemize desired items
• Request too many items 
  ("shopping  cart" proposal)
• Do not follow directions
(Source: Office for Domestic Preparedness, 2004 Workshop Presentation)

How can Kidde Fire Trainers help you with the grant application?
Kidde Fire Trainers is committed to providing our customers with supporting information needed to successfully write and receive a grant. This information, combined with your intimate knowledge of your fire department and a little determination, will set your organization on its way towards improved training capability.

Kidde encourages you to explore the Preparedness Directorate's Office of Grants and Training website for more detailed information regarding grant applications:
Toll-free Phone (866) 274-0960



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